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Saturday, October 30, 2010

HernanDez! Chicharito!

United are without two experienced front men for Tottenham's visit to Old Trafford tonight as Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen face extended spells on the sidelines. But the form of Dimitar Berbatov and emergence of Javier Hernandez as a ready-made Red means United are in good shape.

Chicharito has six goals this season, including four in his last four games and two winners in the last two matches. “We’re all pleased with him,” says Sir Alex. “Everyone at the club is excited about him. He has the right desires, trains well and is very receptive to coaching. He looks after himself, and he’s got good pedigree, everything's in his favour.”

That’s some endorsement. But Sir Alex isn’t completely surprised by how quickly Hernandez has settled since swapping Mexico for Manchester. “We’re not surprised - we identified a lot about him before we signed him. We did a lot of work on him. Seeing him in pre-season and in training, we thought he'd do well and he has.

"You never know with a young boy coming from Mexico because it’s a different culture. But he speaks the language and that’s important. His winning goal on Tuesday demonstrated again that he’s a very good finisher."

It’s not just Hernandez that has instigated a turnaround in fortunes for United, now with three straight wins. “The players are focused,” explains the boss. “It was a great result at Stoke. Everyone knows how difficult it is there. It was good coming back from losing a goal. Given our record this season, it could have been a killer. But it galvanised the players and we played our best football after that. The fans were brilliant too. It was a big lift for everyone.”

p/s: hope united will win against tottenham tonight!3-0!^^


ken said...

go united! :D

Me said...

yeah!glory gory united!