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Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'd rather walk alone….

What dats mean??

Erm..nothing…actually, ,,,I’m just wanna tell ya…about dis picture dat I found from d interNet..hehe..lol

Recently, LiveRpo0L have juz been kicked out from the UEFA ChampiOn League…. For liVerpO0L fan, don’t be sad ok…jus focus on EPL League title now…,,,hoho…Po0R U,,,

Most imPorTanT, Man United will be the champion dis season..juz wait n seE..

oBerTan will be a New CrisTiano for Man United,,,,hehe(I HoPe so..)

GLoRy gLorY Man UniTedclapclap

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ha Lo0 Ha

Hoo..i’m back!!!

What happn??

i’m buzy lor…

Busy what??

Well..lot of things happen in my Life..


I don’t know la..

Dis is a dialogue dat happen between “me n myseLf”….muahahalol

3 months,,,,n I post nothing in my blog..sorryy..exam week…juz focus on stady..Arab paper(u’re liar!!)..hehezzz

Anyway, today I make a new post…oh,pliz don’t blame me..u know what?dats mean I still remember about my blog..n I want 2 keep blogg..

N jogg too..hehe

And I hope,dis holiday will give somethng “somethg “to me…to make me a new man next year n next sem…I wanna learn something, make something,have something,do this staff, do that staff,enjoy myself,propose something(I dunno actually what I say)…question

Most important,I just wanna be me n myself…

Minna-san, hepi holiday..victoire