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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coffee,anyone?-Part 2

now,i want continue write down article 'bout coffee..ok,here we go^^


  • Headaches. Do you know that pain relievers contain up to 120 mg of caffeine in a single dose? That's roughly the same amount found in a mug of coffee!"Caffeine is added to pain medications because it improves absorption in increasing pain-killing effects,"explains Bustos.

  • Asthma. When an attack comes on, have a strong cup of coffee. Caffeine is chemically related to theophylline, a standard asthma medication that helps open airways. According to Bustos, drinking at least three cups a day may also reduce asthma attacks.

  • Constipation. Caffeine has a bowel-loosening effect that stimulates the colon and induces bowel movement.

  • Hang-over. Shorten the gony by drinking a cup or two of coffe. Caffeine is a vaso-constrictor that narrows the swollen blood vessels in the head. Just don't drink too much or you risk becoming more dehydrated because coffee, like alcohol, is a diuretic.
::to be continued::^^


MyZone~theUn4given said...

..mmg xleh layan coffee..so sad..huhu
wake up my migrain pain..huuuu

Me said...

huhu..nevermind,it juz coffee..u still can drink the others rite?=)