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Thursday, June 17, 2010

World CUp 2010!

here we go again!
world cup 2010!
i know everyone must have their fevereet team dat perfom in the world cup,incudg me..


so many eik?hehe
one of my friends said that she choose germany and spain..
spain,same with me..
oo..germany played so well in the first game against australia...
i'm juz watch the highlight...but they're really good..
look like her ferevet team got the chance to go the next round..
no,it cant' be,,,
i'm not going to lose to her..


but,i'm really disappointed with my team performance at first round..
how can they reach the final if they keep playing like this?
england-with the keeper always joking around..how can he let the ball going through his hand...ish2...

Quote of the day
"From now on people can stop their silly talk about us being favourites and winning this World Cup easily," Spain defender Gerard Pique.

Voice of the fans
"Come on, Bafana Bafana. We can still win – let there be a tie between France and Mexico, and then you beat France. Then we're all happy," FIFA.com user MattH_RSA.

No team has ever recovered from losing their opening game to win the FIFA World Cup. Can Spain bounce back from their defeat by the Swiss and become the first?