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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

::Being On9::

I'm back!


after a long time take a break...almost 3 month...
i dunno why..
mybe b'coz i'm quite busy with the 'praktikum' things and the other assingment..hehe

last week, when i wanna be a blogger again, i just about to sign in...after put the name id and the password,suprisely, google said that
"The username or password you entered is incorrect"

is it 4 real?
or blogger juz wanna make a joke for me,,,
after keep trying put the password, everything dat supposed to be
my password,and it keep saying it again and again...

oh,it almost an hour and i'm give up..
so sad..

n then someone remind me about recover our password..
ooh,,thats it...
this is my last chance,,,
and then it's finally succeed..
i can write in my lovely blog again...yes!

i promise after this, i will no leave 'you' be alone again...
i will stay by your side...