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Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'd rather walk alone….

What dats mean??

Erm..nothing…actually, ,,,I’m just wanna tell ya…about dis picture dat I found from d interNet..hehe..lol

Recently, LiveRpo0L have juz been kicked out from the UEFA ChampiOn League…. For liVerpO0L fan, don’t be sad ok…jus focus on EPL League title now…,,,hoho…Po0R U,,,

Most imPorTanT, Man United will be the champion dis season..juz wait n seE..

oBerTan will be a New CrisTiano for Man United,,,,hehe(I HoPe so..)

GLoRy gLorY Man UniTedclapclap


diba said...

sabar je la fan liverpool ek..hee

Me said...

do u like football?
any feveret team?hehe

diba said...

hukhuk..mmg suke pn..
feberet player lampard..do u know him?hee
so i'am chelsea fan..
go2 chealsea!
last nite 3-0 vs arsenal..hoho

Me said...

Lampard...of course i know him..
he is my neigbour when i live at London,long time ago...hehe
so u're chelsea fan..
just wait n see..
who will be the champion dis season..
glory glory united!=)

diba said...

yeah...wait n see k..hee
eceh..ur jiran ek..npe xblaja maen fooball cm dri die..;p

Me said...

bukn nye x nk blaja...
but bcoz' we like had a 'fighting' one day...n bcoz of dat fightg, i move from London to Malaysia n we never Met again..
dat why...if not, i've been played for Manchester united now..hehe=p