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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ha Lo0 Ha

Hoo..i’m back!!!

What happn??

i’m buzy lor…

Busy what??

Well..lot of things happen in my Life..


I don’t know la..

Dis is a dialogue dat happen between “me n myseLf”….muahahalol

3 months,,,,n I post nothing in my blog..sorryy..exam week…juz focus on stady..Arab paper(u’re liar!!)..hehezzz

Anyway, today I make a new post…oh,pliz don’t blame me..u know what?dats mean I still remember about my blog..n I want 2 keep blogg..

N jogg too..hehe

And I hope,dis holiday will give somethng “somethg “to me…to make me a new man next year n next sem…I wanna learn something, make something,have something,do this staff, do that staff,enjoy myself,propose something(I dunno actually what I say)…question

Most important,I just wanna be me n myself…

Minna-san, hepi holiday..victoire