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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The importance of Wayne Rooney::..

The importance of Wayne Rooney.... The reason why he has to be in the team... Read on....

This piece of commentary (After his first goal (at Everton) ended Arsenal's unbeaten run): 
"Ooooohh!!! A brilliant goaaal!!!! A brilliant goaal!!!

REMEMBER THE NAME!!! WAYNE ROONEY! WAYNE ROONEY!! The Premiership's Youngest Goalscorer Signals his arrival on the big stage with a breath-taking goal!"

He was
 signed in 2004 for nearly £26 million by Sir Alex. Sir Alex took a big risk by signing a lad who once pulled his shirt up revealing the words:"ONCE A BLUE,ALWAYS A BLUE" after scoring for Everton;meaning, there was no guarantee as to whether he'd perform well for us and if he did, would he stay with us for a long time. But, SAF's spiel was worth it!

He was given the #8 jersey and scored a Hat-trick on his debut, immediately making an impact!! Eversince, Wazza never had to look back.

People call him overrated. Oh! Is he now? Well, I DONT THINK SO! When he arrived at O.T, he had to play alongside a pacy tricky Cristiano Ronaldo.. AND more importantly, a striker in his prime-Ruud van Nistelrooy! In spite of being in their shadows, he SELFLESSLY "CREATED" chances for his other teammates while he himself tried to score a decent number of goals!
Well, ONE QUESTION to all of you who are reading this. Could Ronnie or van the Man have done what Wazza did? Wazza could happily leave a chance to tap into an open goal and pass it to a teammate standing beside him. Wazza would never make a fuss and play even as a CENTRAL MIDFIELDER or on the LEFT SIDE of the midfield.. He could play ANYWHERE, JUST TO HELP THE TEAM WIN THE MATCH! When Evra went on adventurous runs, Wazza tracked back and covered for him. How many people can do that? Can Ronnie do that? Well, maybe, a bit.. But can he run for hours just to fulfill his passion and help the team win? I dont think so. :)
Ruud definitely wouldn't have done that!

Plus, anyone of us seen Wazza fallout with his teammates? Well, our two BIG STARS-CR7 and Ruud had bust-ups before SAF had to finally sell Ruud. We then signed players like Berba'top' and Tevez.
Did Rooney complain? No. Instead, he helped them score goals!

And then Tevez left..So did Ronnie. He literally carried us at times.. He did commit a small mistake by not signing an extension initially, but come on! He's a human being too and his career matters to him.. But he quickly made a U-Turn and signed a 5 year extension and even APOLOGIZED to the fans after scoring the Winner Vs City.Yes. the same goal which was voted as THE BEST GOAL EVER IN EPL's HISTORY! Then when he came back as a lean-mean machine, combining with Chicharito and he proved what a difference he can make to the team. NO ONE, NO ONE can offer the WORK-RATE that Wazza offers!!
Recently, Robin Van Persie joined us. Other strikers may be would have threatened to QUIT. But no! Our Wazza urged him to join us and said he's really pleased to play with him and Kagawa.

Most of the Untied fans were saying stuff like: "No need to worry that Wazza's hurt. We have RvP..." Hmmm.. really? Can Mr.RvP do all the things our Wazza can? Can he selflessly sacrifice his own chances to help his teammates score? Can he run for hours together or play in the Midfield JUST 'cause Sir Alex has asked him to? I don't think so!

BOTTOM LINE IS: Players and more importantly, STRIKERS will come AND go.. I bet none of them have or are or will ever be as adaptable as Wazza! He has selflessly played under Ronnie, Ruud and others' shadows when he could have happily left the club to join some club where he could be the top man! But he didn't! THAT, my friends is our WAYNE ROONEY! I am not saying that PLAYER>CLUB. NO! NEVER! He may even leave the club one day in the future(NOT the near future I HOPE) to return to his BOYHOOD club EFC. But, It's high time we stop saying stuff like "We have RvP. Not a problem even if Rooney leaves." That's rubbish.. TBF, Ronnie/Ruud/Tevez wouldn't have scored most of the goals they have at United without Wazza. #Fact
Yes, I do miss that 18 year old hot headed Scouse kid we signed in 2004, but, I like this Wazza. He's dependable, gives his ALL to the team. Puts the TEAM before himself! You are asking me for an example for that? Here: Rewind your memory to 25th of August 2012. When Rodallega shot a pile driver, everyone moved out. Wazza put himself in the path of the shot to help his team to not concede, and what was the price he had to pay? A 6 inch Bone-deep Gash! And, like a true fighter, he still stood up! TOOK ONE FOR THE TEAM! That, my friends, is our Wayne Rooney!

Plzzz share and show everyone that he is important and we need him...

Via Kagawa : Rooney : van Persie ~ The Magical Trinity